Hello, World

My very first article in my personal site which is built using Quarto!

first article



July 27, 2022

Hello, World !

Finally, I made my site using Quarto and hosted it via GitHub Pages.

It was a month ago, that I decided to start building my website. Initially, I was experimenting with other frameworks (e.g., Hugo with the help of blogdown, Distill), which were pretty good, but Quarto fulfilled my needs. The reasons for my decision are going to be discussed in a new article.

Figure 1: Packages to make a website in R (before Quarto)


As this is my first article on my website, I would like to enumerate my goals for this website. So, on this website, I am planning to :

  • Write ML Notebooks (using R and Python)
  • Upload articles that will help other users (e.g., “How to make your Quarto site” etc.)
  • Showcasing my projects (regarding Shiny Apps, courses, etc.)
  • Write posts about R in Greek as there are not many R users in Greece
  • Solving exam papers on my website.
  • And many more …, so stay tuned!


Image by R. E. Beck from Pixabay


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